When I look at fellow students, I am pretty sure both our minds, as well as bodies, are grateful to January for being nearly over.

The new year blues, combined with rough weather and a lot of stress after getting kicked out from the Christmas paradise and thrown straight into university reality, is what ends up showing on our tired, parched and greyish faces, with under eye bags that resemble those from Tesco more than the Chanel 2.55.

With February just around the corner, it is worth thinking about changing things up a little to make yourself, and your skin look and feel better, making it easy to have a properly glowing kick start to the (still) new year.

Every change starts with building a solid base, and in that case I would suggest switching your daily moisturiser. Wind, frostiness and snow, if you have encountered that rare phenomenon, can really dehydrate your face, making it all patchy, dull and unattractive. Our skin gets used to products easily, which is why it is worth changing it up a little bit – I would suggest reaching for the Cetaphil range, as it suites most skin types and really replenishes without breaking the bank.

Next up, comes the second fundamental step – foundation. If you’ve always been a fan of high coverage ‘caking up’, put is aside for now and go for something lighter. Beautiful skin should not be covered, only enhanced! A great thing to test out is either a BB cream (Garnier does a budget friendly one, Body Shop’s is also great!) or a water-based liquid foundation (the iconic Mac Face&Body, or N7 Superlight). They definitely won’t clog your pores and dry the skin out, giving some extra moisture and glow instead to lit up your face as if from within. If you suffer from imperfections, conceal only where you have to.

Adding a bit of colour to your cheeks, nose and forehead, does not have to mean baking to an orange hue in sun beds. Bronzer or sculpting powder that is cool toned, like the one from Sleek or W7, will do the job in a subtle, natural way. The key to contouring and bronzing up is to always have less than more on your brush – that way you can be a sun kissed babe with chiselled cheekbones in the middle of the winter, without looking funny or made up.

Finally, the real icing on the cake – a good highlighter. I have already elaborated on what these amazing fellows can do HERE, but I will mention them once again regardless, as they really bring back the life to any deadlines-stricken face. Pop a bit of glow onto the tops of your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, browbones, bridge of the nose, or even in the inner corners of your eye – a gentle sweep of highlighting powder can really do wonders.

Give these all a go and you will be greeting the new month as good as new, or maybe even more beautiful than ever!