A record number of students have voted for the team who will #LeadYourDSU next academic year.

4,942 DMU students – over 1,200 more than the previous record set in 2015 – voted in De Montfort Students’ Union’s annual elections to select five full-time executive officers and six part-time officers to represent every single student at De Montfort University. #LeadYourDSU

President – Full Time.

Represents all students and leads campaigns around campus.

“Incredible result and an amazing victory, well done to everyone who ran.

“Varsity and elections in one week was a huge task and I’m just so glad it all went well. A massive thank you to all those who voted and supported me and thank you to everyone who helped.”


Continuing to oversee the DSUrevamp was at the heart of Daniel’s campaign both to continue to oversee it and his involvement already.

Helping to build a more transparent union as well as re-branding the whole of the DSU and wanting to increase facilities for societies and sports teams were also high on his manifesto list.

“I’m just so glad people think that I’m right for this role.

“All I can say really is thank you to all the people who got involved and helped me out, I’m still just so speechless.”

Augustus campaign and manifesto had five main areas that he felt needed to be tackled while in his role. Employability and making sure that enhancement weeks were more productive, Engagement and making sure the student representative system worked, accessibility which included earlier releases of timetables and 24/7 access to the library, assessment feedback that was efficient and consistent and to review hidden course costs.

Deputy President Education – Full Time.

Helps to run course rep system, lead academic campaigns and represent all students on academic issues.

VP Student Activities – Full Time.

Support societies, sports teams and all student activities.

“I’m feeling great, I was so excited when my name was announced. All I can think is third time lucky.

“Next year is going to be a big year and I want to bring a feel good vibe back to the campus.”

Ahtesham focused on four key areas in his manifesto which included having surgery hours, awareness and accessibility of activities and societies, making space available for the expanding numbers of societies and a focus on employability and organising more professional workshops.

I’m a bit confused, shocked, happy? It’s all a mixture of emotions right now really, just a massive thank you to all the people who voted.

I want to bring a focus to all the charitable work that is done by the students and the university and make sure all voices can heard and are accessible.

Mike had three key points within his manifesto that will focus on establishing a production company that will allow Demon Media members to work professionally, liaison between Demon Media members and DMU Security and ensuring all student voices are heard on all matters important to them.

VP Media and Communications – Full Time.

Focused on supporting student media and making sure all of the Student Union’s communication reaches students.

VP Welfare and Community – Full Time.

Helps to run campaigns and focus on issues that students face.

I’m so happy to be re-elected and first off, just want to say thank you to all those who supported me along the way.

I really want to focus on mental and sexual health of students and I will be running a survey to capture every student needs.

As well as continuing with the work she has already achieved last year in the same role, Keira’s campaign focused on a proactive support rather than reactive support for students and a Safer You campaign to protect students from theft to harassment.

NUS Delegates – Emilia Alice Djiapouras, Keira Rounsley, Mollie Foottit and Ryan Tsang.