Several explosions have been heard at Brussels Airport and within the metro system with reports suggesting more than 30 deaths so far with the full total still unconfirmed.

Shortly after 08:00 local time two explosions were heard at Zaventem Airport and just an hour later a third explosion hit Maalbeek metro station.

Reports have suggested that in addition to the deaths, over 100 people have been injured in the attacks.

Belgian Prosecutor has said the attacks were suicide bombings and Belgium’s security has been raised to the highest level.

Public transport in the city has been stopped and all trains to the airport have also been cancelled with the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel telling residents to “Stay where they are”.

Mr Michel said: “The priority is to make sure we evacuate the injured and make sure we get all the details on the incident.

“What we have most feared has happened.”

Eurostar has also confirmed that they have cancelled all services running to and from Brussels Midi and have warned Belgian passengers not to go to the station.

French Interior Minister, has stated that “1600 additional police” will be deployed at the border and on the transport network.

Security was also increased at Gatwick and Heathrow while David Cameron chaired an emergency meeting of COBRA. 

The militant group IS have since claimed responsibility for the attacks on their social media pages.

From all those here at Demon Media our thoughts go out to the victims of the attack and their families.