Today De Montfort University played host to former Prime Minister and remain campaigner Gordon Brown.

At 3pm in the Queens Building Atrium, Mr Brown took to the floor to set out his views on the referendum as well as taking questions from the national media.

With exactly 10 days before the EU referendum, Mr Browns appearance seems to be aimed at the nine million Labour voters, which the remain campaign hopes to tap into.

In earlier confirmations of the former PM’s stance; Mr Brown has said: “… We shouldn’t just be a member of the European Union. We must be the leader of the European Union.

This comes a year before Britain is due to hold the EU presidency for six months from July – December 2017; whereby the UK will chair meetings at every level of the organisation.

Mr Brown argues that the EU offers better conditions for zero-hour contract workers, this topic being increasingly important since the introduction of the living wage earlier this year.

Gorden Brown

However, this may not be influential enough for the youth vote which is considered extremely important for both campaigns. Even warranting a 48-hour extension on the deadline to register to vote.

Over 430,000 registered to vote during this time extension which required emergency legislation to be put into place. During the final days of registration 77% of people registering were from the under 45s age bracket.

Following Mr Brown’s talk, MP for Leicester South John Ashworth hosted the question and answer session.

When asked about the recent Orlando attacks Mr Brown said: “We should offer our full support to those communities as a country.

“I think Leicester sends a great message about working together. This is a city that works together, thrives together and survives together.”

Mr Brown made no comment on the situation for students should the referendum vote on the 23rd June cause Britain to leave, or remain.