Ahead of their debut album release, it was only courteous of Spring King to provide an array of shows up and down the country to tease us with what they had to give in their first LP offering. And from what we heard, it’s likely we’re going to be asking for seconds.
Despite already assuming what the album will sound like, from an overflow of singles all following the same epitome of harmless indie genre, there was no chance of getting bored- although the crowd would suggest otherwise, but let’s just say they were taking in the music. Although feel-good ‘Rectifier’ changed this pretty quickly, ensuring dancing throughout the miniscule venue.
Latest single ‘Detroit’ painted the band in a Stateside dreaming light, with Yank vibes making the basement-based venue metaphorically fill with sunlight. EP-track ‘Demons’ upturned proceedings by inducing a heavier element into the night, before returning back to the indie-surf-rock dream set.
With a completely easy-listening discography, it’s hard to hate Spring King. And even if you find a way to, you’re not going to be able to escape their infectious rhythms any time soon.