DMU’s very own Contour Fashion show took place last Friday at the All Saint’s Church, where an array of third year students showcased their unique and creative underwear and swimwear garments.

The exquisite, bizarre pieces truly illuminated the atmosphere of the church. There were so many favourites of mine, from plastic green bodysuits to latex jumpsuits. The creativity was endless, however there were only a select few designs that were exceptionally distinctive.

The first piece consisted of a waspie made with luxurious red satin and black boning stitched across to provide a structured panel effect. This was accompanied by a gold applique design, sewn on so intricately in floral shapes. The traditional hook and eye fastening was displayed at the front and the back was made up of a satin black ribbon lace up design. The close fitting around the waist created the perfect voluptuous shape that is most desired. It appeared to be inspired by the Chinese culture and its fondness for a red and gold colour scheme. A black sheer turtle neck bodysuit and a pair of metallic gold heels completed this sensuous garment.

dmu-contour-1dmu-contour-3 dmu-contour-2

The second classic piece resembled a Japanese style kimono with a sexy V-neckline, also worn with a waspie. Made with white silk, the waspie was covered in detailed Japanese symbols and cherry blossom flowers. The boning was also white to blend in with the base colour and emphasise the printed detail. The bottom of the waspie dipped down into an inward curved triangle shape, underlining the curves of the model. The sheer transparent material used for the kimono, had an ‘ombre’ effect of soft pink and white blending together, with printed Japanese symbols coordinating with those on the waspie. The two pieces complimented each other so well, it looked as though they were sewn together. A plain pair of briefs and black lace up heels finalised the attire. The main element that caught our attention, was the graceful way the kimono flowed as the model walked down the aisle.

dmu-contour-4 dmu-contour-5 dmu-contour-6

The last piece represented true essence of elegance. The entire ensemble was based on a lavender colour palette. This was demonstrated through a long–sleeved sheer mesh plunge bodysuit, with beautiful  lavender embroidery stitched on either side of the seductive neckline. An immaculately made waspie matched it perfectly. As in the previous designs, the back of the waspie included a provocative ribbon lace up design. Followed by this was an extensive delicate sheer skirt, with identical details decorating the bottom. The look was completed by a pair of cream platform heels. The theme for this piece must have been bridal because of the use of such exquisite, soft materials. Due to the quality of this work, it resembled something you would see in Agent Provocateur stores.

dmu-contour-7 dmu-contour-8 dmu-contour-9

Overall, the Contour Fashion show was a fantastic presentation of many different beautiful undergarments, worn by the models, as though they were personally made for them. I am sure it has encouraged to appreciate and understand that Contour Fashion is not just ‘underwear and swimwear’ but simply a work of art, produced by these young, talented designers. Intricate detail on all of the pieces seems to be impossible to achieve, yet these visionary students accomplished such beauty and precision with ease.