Magique’s ‘Baby Blue‘ finds itself in the centre of a synthesised dream, resulting in a very promising debut single for an eager emerging figure in an already-bustling alternative scene.

The opening beat sounds like the kind of muffled rhythm you would pick up swimming in a fancy holiday pool with speakers artily installed underwater. Not to mention, the theme of water seems to trickle throughout the track, initially with the artwork conveying, to me at least, a kind of moody lagoon, fitting perfectly with the song’s upbeat gloom. When the almost ethereal synth then kicks in, it seems to just completely engulf the song for just a moment before Magique’s gentle vocals regain control. ‘Baby Blue‘ seems unique in the way that it plays around with a funked-up guitar melody in the foreground of all the other aspects competing for the limelight. That being said, ‘Baby Blue‘ seems to lack a certain direction that artists so similar in sound, such as Porches, manage to find with such ease. It seems unfair to compare an established and acclaimed artist with such a newly surfaced one; we only have the one single as a taster after all.

Maybe I’ve just missed the point, and Magique is instead aiming to provide a certain ambience and groove listeners had no idea they really craved. Overall, ‘Baby Blue‘ is a beautiful debut, and certainly leaves a favourable amount of intrigue regarding just how the LP will turn out.


Baby Blue‘ is out this Friday, November 4.