As the polls close in several states the initial results are coming in while some states still have many people left to cast their ballot and whose results will come through the night.

7:12 GMT Asian markets plummet as predictions of a Trump victory pick up steam across the US


7:09 GMT After winning key battleground states Donald Trump only needs 26 electoral votes with 43 of 50 states declared.


3:10 GMT New Mexico has been projected for Clinton giving her 5 electoral votes. Whilst Missouri has been projected for Trump, providing him with 10 electoral votes. They need 270 total to win. 28 states called.

Key state of Florida is still a close race with 48% Clinton and 49% Trump and more than 90% of precincts in.

3:01 GMT Montana projected for Trump providing 3 electoral votes giving him a total of 140 votes.

2:41 GMT Reports show that Clinton has 104 electoral votes whilst Trump is at 137.

Polls have closed in all but 10 states of the United States.

Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia have fallen into the Clinton camp.

Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana are in the Trump camp.

1:30 GMT CNN projections put:

Donald Trump winning in Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Tennessee- 57 electoral votes

Hillary Clinton winning in Vermont, Maryland, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Jersey – 68 electoral votes

Clinton currently ahead in Ohio, North Carolina and Florida while Trump is ahead in Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina

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Reports from the US

  • Utah officials have reported problems with voting machines
  • George W Bush voted for none of the above said a spokesman from his team but did vote “Republican down ballot”
  • Voting has had to be extended for up to an extra hour in North Carolina due to voting problems earlier in the day
  • Republicans regain control of the Senate

More updates to follow as the night continues…