With most of a student’s time being taken up by studying (hopefully), it’s important to remember to take some time off and have some fun! Luckily, Leicester is easily one of the best places for the student lifestyle; being blessed with two universities means that the city is always booming with life and fun student nights out.

It won’t surprise you to hear that there are countless places for students to visit around the city; some you would have hopefully know but don’t worry if not as this article is here to help you have the best experience!

In terms of nightlife, there are countless pubs and clubs to visit! Personally, I would recommend Mosh, which is situated right in-between Highcross and Victoria Halls (Student Accommodation) especially their student night on Tuesdays. The club is also open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so there are plenty of options! Each different day consists of different music genres across its three floors and is well worth a visit. It should also be mentioned that students get in cheaper on Tuesdays and drinks are considerably cheaper too.

Another popular club for students is Republic, which can be found next to St Margaret’s Bus Station. This club is open Monday, Friday and Saturday and it too offers a variety of different music and some special appearances from well-known faces on the DJ set!

These are just the two most popular choices but there are several more to check out such as Ghost, XY, Fan Club, Basement, Liquid, Venom, Havana and the list goes on! Whatever your music taste there will be something out there for you!

If it’s a more relaxed night you’re looking for then pubs are definitely the way to go and thankfully Leicester has been supplied with more than you can count! You’d be amiss if you didn’t check out Soar Point, located by the river and Castle Gardens. This is a must for students, you’ll find it’s such a nice place to sit in with your laptop and do some work during the day and at night get some cheap pitchers in! The same can be said for other pubs such as Firebug, Reynards and The Bowling Green. Firebug host gigs from local independent bands from time to time so if you’re looking to discover new music its’s definitely worth checking out.

You can’t write an article like this without mentioning places such as the o2 Academy, The Cookie or De Montfort Hall. The o2 is a place you can go to throughout the week for a decent club night and occasionally they host gig nights with a load of famous faces! They also host comedians, with Chris Ramsey visiting soon, so if you’re into comedy you should definitely check that out. The Cookie is similar in this regard, just in a smaller, more relaxed venue. They attract a lot of well-known comedians on their tour as well as decent bands!

Finally, De Montfort Hall. The most famous of all for Leicester, and maybe not student based but they offer plenty of events such as gigs, comedy, ballet, opera, theatre and more! Such names coming up this year include Jimmy Carr, Stewart Lee, Russel Brand, Busted, Sue Perkins, James Arthur, Rick Astley and many other famous names you will know!

Essentially, you should feel very lucky to be a student in this great city! This is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to nightlife for students in Leicester, I would recommend that you try out a variety of different places with flatmates and university friends until you find somewhere you like. There’s truly something for everyone here, and the best part about finding it is the journey! You’re in for a great adventure.