Month: April 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 is the MCU’s standout winner

  When James Gunn’s iteration of Guardians of the Galaxy premiered in 2014, the group of space fighters led by Peter Quill A.K.A ‘Star Lord’ (Chris Pratt) were largely unknown. Many adverts showcased the film as being a riotous adventure...

/ 29th April 2017

Interview Time – Maxïmo Park

Indie, charismatic and Geordie. Well, we couldn’t be talking about anyone other than Maxïmo Park. Undoubtedly, Maxïmo are one of the pinnacle bands from the noughties indie-rock scene, and even the current indie-rock scene. Having created music since I was...

/ 22nd April 2017

City of Tiny Lights is a disappointing case of style over substance

Director Pete Travis (Dredd, Vantage Point) dashes us into the boiling pot of a violent London cityscape and turns up the gas, but City of Tiny Lights lacks the main ingredient of a great thriller. Based on Patrick Neate’s 2005 novel...

/ 19th April 2017

Throw reality out of the window for The Fate of the Furious

We’ve had cars driving in and out of planes, over mountains and onto clifftops and now we have them skidding on ice trying to evade submarines… Yes, you read that last line right. F. Gary Gray’s directorial shot at Fast...

/ 15th April 2017

Why we’re still talking about the critically acclaimed Personal Shopper

Gore-fests littered with jump scares are all too common these days, so a refreshing ghost story is always a relief. To some extent, this is what we get with Olivier Assayas’s Personal Shopper. Maureen (Kristen Stewart) is lonely, troubled and...

/ 14th April 2017

DSU Deputy President Reinstated Following Investigation.

Augustus Mbanasor has been reinstated to his role as DP Education following his suspension from the De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU). A statement on the DSU website read: ‘De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) has reinstated Augustus Mbanasor as Deputy President Education with...

/ 13th April 2017

Stormzy – Leicester’s O2 Academy

One of the biggest faces of grime tore up the stage, throwing Gang Signs and Prayers around like they were going out of fashion, and us? Well, we all f*cking loved it. Coming onto the UK’s hottest current music scene...

/ 12th April 2017

A Walk Back the Trend Lane: 80’s Makeup Icons

Put on your headphones and let’s travel back in time to the 1980s to remind ourselves of some of the best beauty trends of that decade. For me, the 80’s were by far the best years for vibrant colours and...

/ 10th April 2017

Crash, Bang, Wallop – Free Fire review

At one point in Free Fire, one of the characters says “I don’t know who’s on what side anymore”. Truth be told, neither does the audience, such is the carnage of Ben Wheatley’s new action comedy. Taking place in an abandoned warehouse...

/ 10th April 2017

Demon TV Win Four National Awards @ NaSTA 2017

De Montfort University student-lead TV station and production group walk away with four individual awards and the station was highly commended at this years National Student Television Association (NaSTA) awards.

/ 3rd April 2017