Month: May 2017

CLOSED: Demon Media Volunteer Management Applications

The first round of upper management job recruitment is closing soon. You've got until the 1st June at 23:59PM to apply for any of the volunteer management officer roles available.

/ 30th May 2017

Tom Chaplin – De Montfort Hall (19/05/17)

Perhaps fittingly, it poured it down on the night where Tom Chaplin (frontman of Keane) brought his ‘Carried By The Wave’ tour to De Montfort Hall Leicester. By the end of the night, any lingering negativity regarding the weather had...

/ 25th May 2017

Damn Fine! Load up on cherry pie, it is happening again. Twin Peaks returns on Monday

Fans of Twin Peaks have sorely missed spending time with the diverse assemblage of wonderful characters that David Lynch and Mark Frost’s influential television show gifted us with. But, promises being kept, “I’ll see you again in 25 years” meant...

/ 19th May 2017

Warpaint – Birmingham’s O2 Institute

Having graced the Birmingham O2 Institute almost two years previously to the date, it’s clear that Warpaint are creatures of habit – or just have very firm, OCD management. However having brought out their third studio album, Heads Up, in...

/ 19th May 2017

Is shoegaze back to stay? Let’s hope so – Slowdive album review

A common staple in the life-cycle of music is the re-appraisal of a band’s work – the passing of time can allow an album to breathe, giving it time to settle and find its place in the world after initial...

/ 18th May 2017

An ever-spinning reel – Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan return in The Trip to Spain

Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are back on the road for another restaurant tour: after covering the North of England and Italy throughout the last two series, the pair are off to Spain for some fine dining, driving, occasional chatting...

/ 17th May 2017

Julian Barratt brings Mindhorn out of retirement in a wickedly funny sleuth spoof

If years of watching films has taught me anything, it is that spoof films rarely occupy a middle ground – they are normally either wickedly funny, or painfully unfunny. Thankfully, Mindhorn, starring and co-written by Julian Barratt (co-creator of The Mighty...

/ 16th May 2017

Alien: Covenant is a refreshing return to form for Ridley Scott

Ribs crunching, bones crashing, body counts rising, and lots of blood, spilled and skewed with reckless abandon. Needless to say, Ridley Scott is taking fans back to basics with his latest gore-soaked, Science-Fiction frenzy. Set in the year 2104, just...

/ 13th May 2017

How to Survive a Student Media Conference

Student media conferences are popping up all over the UK. With the recent success of SRACon, which was hosted here at De Montfort University last month, more students than ever are involved in their respective student media groups. On May 6th...

/ 8th May 2017