With the voting over for the snap general election of 2017 the results are finally in, there can be party forming a majority government resulting in a hung parliament.

Altogether there are 10 seats up for grabs in the Leicestershire and Rutland area; as of 2015 seven of these seats belonged to the Conservative Party with three in the hands of Labour.

Here is the split of constituiencies between the political parties for Leicestershire for the 2015 general election and the 2017 general election:


As a history lesson, all three Leicester seats have been held by Labour Party members for over 10 years, with Keith Vaz being in his position since 1987

The initial exit polls at 10pm predicted the Conservative party as the majority leader with 314 seats overall, down by 17 with their closest rivals being Labour with 266 seats.

For any party to have an outright majority they must secure 326 seats, as of 10pm a Conservative majority is “possible but not certain” according to the BBC.

Bosworth Winner – David Tredinnick, Conservative (Hold)

Charnwood Winner – Edward Argar, Conservaitve (Hold)

Harborough Winner – Neil O’Brien, Conservative (Hold)

Leicester East Winner – Keith Vaz, Labour (Hold)

Leicester West Winner – Liz Kendall, Labour (Hold)

Leicester South Winner – Jon Ashworth, Labour (Hold)

Loughborough Winner – Nicky Morgan, Conservative (Hold)

North West Leicestershire Winner – Andrew Bridgen, Conservative (Hold)

Rutland and Melton Winner – Sir Alan Duncan, Conservative (Hold)

Leicestershire South Winner – Alberto Costa, Conservative (Hold)