De Montfort University (DMU) student, Elizabeth Sawyerr was allegedly verbally abused by fellow coursemates, who used the n-word against her on a night out last Monday evening.

Elizabeth, a performing arts student has alleged that after being invited on a night out on Monday 5th February by two girls on her course, they proceeded to racially abuse her.

The slurs entailed a song about lynching and the n-word which were revealed in Tweets by Elizabeth and her cousin, Tutu Adams on Twitter. One of the students alleged to have made remarks is a second year Performing Arts course representative.

The university has responded numerous times to individuals on the social networking site, ‘Hi. Please be assured we take allegations of this kind extremely seriously and will not tolerate racism in any form on campus. Our Chief Operating Officer is taking immediate and appropriate action today.’

The Vice Chancellor, Dominic Shellard has also tweeted that he is taking ‘a personal interest’ in the alleged situation.

De Montfort University in a statement sent to The Demon said, “It is a source of immense pride to us that DMU is an inclusive, tolerant and multicultural university, with more than half of its undergraduates from a BAME background and more than 140 nationalities represented in our student and staff body.

“DMU does not and will not tolerate racism of any kind on its campus and we take extremely seriously any reports of discrimination and abuse. An investigation is being led by our Chief Operating Officer and appropriate action will be taken as soon as the full facts are known.”

The Vice Chancellor and De Montfort Student’s Union have been contacted by The Demon for statements.

Updates to follow in the coming weeks.