By Matthew Hill 

It’s the start of a new year which can only mean one thing; a whole host of new and exciting games are waiting around the corner. Whilst there may be a whole heap of fantastic games on the horizon, we’ve streamlined them down to the ones that are looking to be the most exciting rides to take this year. So come along and see what awaits you in 2018. 

Far Cry 5 (Multiple Platforms) 

Back in 2012 Ubisoft unleashed Far Cry 3. The game was led by a charismatic villain and featured a full island packed with animals, pirates and tonnes of guns to play with. Six years on and a few more titles, Far Cry 5 is looking to keep that tradition going. Relocating to the USA in the fictional town of Hope County, an extremist religious cult known as the ‘Project at Eden’s Gate’, headed by Father Joseph have convinced the townsfolk to adapt their ways. As the town’s latest deputy sheriff it’s up to you to and a few unturned civilians to overthrow the cult. There will be plenty of carnage to unleash with weapons ranging from pitchforks to machine guns, as well as the inclusion of pilotable planes. Plus you can get yourself a handy animal sidekick to aid you on your quest. What more could you want? 

Released March 27th 2018 

Red Dead Redemption 2 (Multiple Platforms) 

Great open world games are almost synonymous with Rockstar studios; the developers behind the incredible Grand Theft Auto series. Yet, back in 2010 they dipped their toes into the western genre, delivering one of last generation’s greatest games. Even if there are very few details about the game, what we do know is it looks beautiful and there will be a complimenting online component for the games single player story. So, if you’ve been craving train robberies and stand offs, Red Dead will have you covered, and if the game turns out to be half as good as its predecessor you can bet your hat it’ll still be an adventure worth taking. 

Released Spring 2018 

Anthem (Multiple Platforms) 

Anthem is looking set to become Destiny’s biggest rival for your co-operative adventures, and it’s set in an entirely new Sci-Fi universe. You’ll take control of a freelancer, kitted out with the Javelin exosuit to help them out when engaging in the many third person shoot outs you’ll find yourself stumbling into. There’s plenty of opportunities to explore the gorgeous world as well as what’s looking like a rather astounding loot system to sink our hands into. Oh, did we mention that the story is being penned by Drew Karpyshyn? The lead writer to some of Sci-Fi’s greatest games including; KOTOR and Mass effect 2. So feel free to get excited. 

Released TBC (Delayed)

Jurassic World Evolution 

Now you may be wondering how this title got on to the list with the likes of Last of Us 2 waiting in the wings (mostly it’s because I think it’ll be delayed until 2019), but there’s a reason this curve ball choice has made it in to the line-up. Cast your mind back to all the fun you had with Zoo Tycoon and The Sims. The feeling of creating a successful zoo, or ‘life’ was rewarding in itself, but I bet there’s a good handful of us that always enjoyed playing God, freeing the carnivorous animals, or just zapping away your Sim’s pool ladders mid swim. It was pure (borderline psychopathic) fun. Well Jurassic World: Evolution is looking to be the game that’ll relight that fire in all of us. There’s the opportunity to build a successful theme park, thanks to easy-to-grasp building tools and a good line up of dinosaurs to display. Yet there’s the choice to uncage all of those prehistoric creatures onto unsuspecting victims just waiting in line for their overpriced lemonade. You can’t say that won’t be a good time come our hand-in crunch times. 

Released Summer 2018