The Netflix original film is a hit for all Beyoncé fans but defiantly falls short for everyone else.   

This Netflix original film, ‘Homecoming’, made by Beyoncé, surrounds her successful concert at Coachella festival in America, including footage of such performance. Entwined with this particular performance, audiences can see footage of her rehearsals and other behind-the-scenes moments of her family and home life. On top of all of this, there is particular emphasis on her life as well as various cultures movements that she’s been involved with or feels strongly about.

Unfortunately, I am not a Beyoncé fan myself, but I do like some of her music and enjoyed the concert footage. It would defiantly be a good watch for all Beyoncé fans. Audiences can finally take an inside look into the popular pop star’s life while watching one of her biggest concerts of last year. Beyoncé fans are able to watch the inspirational journey of this pop star in the spotlight and how she comes to juggle the pressures of her family life.  An extra layer is cast upon the film when it features important, vital cultures movements in her past, which has shaped her life.

My reaction to this film is varied. Being a media student, it’s fascinating learning about Beyoncé’s popstar life and the intensity of the rehearsals she undergoes before every performance, with traits of her personality showing through at every point. Watching this firm, it was clear Beyoncé has devotion to her family, her celebrity life and her loyal fan base and how she balances everything.

However, as I am not a Beyoncé fan myself and though I enjoyed it in places, aspects of the Netflix original film were dry and inconsequential to me. I will not be watching it again.