Drag is revolutionising the fashion world. As an expressionist art form, drag has become more and more popular among young people. To them, it is a way of enhancing personality traits and showing the world a person’s true potential, beauty and personality. This happens as it is not limited to the complicated constructs of gender or societal normalities. For many, drag has become a route of escapism and a way to become a better version of themselves by creatively producing a completely new persona. As drag is limitless and a thriving fashion industry, it has branched out within society as an example of male beauty, in particular. This subculture of drag being an important, fast-growing role model in the fashion world has reflected on the ideology of the ‘modern man’.

Makeup is an up and coming trend among men, and not just within the LGBTQIA+ community. This is an example of how the modern world is changing to be more accepting. The fashion world is more encompassing with trends such as drag traits and genderless makeup. However, many conservative people may see this trend as an emasculating inclination. For some, the art of makeup and fashion have become an expectation of women only. This can lead to an old fashioned viewpoint that may limit expressionism and point towards a more hateful side of drag.

Chloe Cole from The Tab said, “an important lesson of Drag Race is that part of loving yourself is sometimes allowing yourself to be poked fun at.” This quote really reflects the spirit of drag and how it is more than just a look.