I believe anxiety is a serious problem among young people. In our daily life, we are constantly exposed to difficulties we haven’t encountered before. In other words, lots of anxiety disorders start at a young age and it even affects confident and assertive people.Firstly, when children start school for the first time, they do not want to leave their parents. This anxiety can be seen mostly between the age of seven to nine. Although some children are so talkative in their home, they reject to talk in front of the public as they worry about meeting and talking to new people. Exams have a big effect on children’s mental health and a lot of young people are reluctant to go to school on those days. Moreover, when they get a bad result from a test they do not feel good so they refuse to talk to their families to solve this problem.

When families are faced with these situations, initially they should talk to their children and understand how they feel about this problem. Then, they can give them advice on how to solve it, so young people feel more comfortable to talk in the first place.