Have you just joined DMU and want to know more about what the Student’s Union does for students?If so, then look no further, as this is a rundown of what the SU does for students throughout their time at university. One way to make your university experience even better is to join societies. Every DMU student is automatically a member of DSU so there is no way you can miss out on great opportunities. Being in a society or sports club allows you to discover hidden talents, meet new people who could become life-long friends and learn new things – this is great for your CV!

The SU told The Demon,“we want you [students] to have the best possible time while at university and help you get involved with lots of opportunities. We have 150+ student groups for you to get involved with, from Music and Dance to Cocktail Making and Debate, there is something for everyone.”

The SU also allows students tocreatetheir own society from scratch, so if you have a buzzing idea and several friends who have the same passion as you then you can talk to the SU and get started. 

If you’re unsure of which society to join, then the Give it a Go programme is the best way to get a real taste of what societies have to offer. You can dip in and out of different taster sessions with several societies or sports clubs to help you decide what clubs you would like to join in the academic year – it can be more than one! All sessions are free, and they give you the platform to try out something you may have always wanted to do.

Another great thing the SU offers to students is several ways that you can get involved and share your views about your course (becoming a course rep is a good option) or offer your thoughts on how something could improve at DMU. All students can influence decisions that are made with DSU campaigns, policy and voting on key issues at the Annual Members Meeting. This is the best way for you to make an impact on the student experience, so make sure you take the opportunities that are available to you.

DSU has a great advice service available for all students, they can help you with several things from housing, health, international, finance, sexual health services and academic queries that you may have.

The SU says “We also have our brilliant peer mentors – MyUniPals, who are on hand to support you and provide you with the information and guidance needed to ensure your time at DMU is a success.”

The advice centre is located on the first floor of the Student Union (follow the big staircase), you can book an appointment by phone, email, submitting an online form or visiting the DSU reception.

DSUhas plenty to offer each student, start your journey by taking yourself out your comfort zone and trying something new today.

To find out more about DSU Advice please visit demontfortsu.com/support