Written by Henry Bright                                                                          

Black Friday is the day after the US holiday of Thanksgiving, regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season, on which retailers make many special offers.

Amazon has SO many Black Friday deals and hopefully this year I won’t miss it!

Many people count down the days until the Black Friday sales but, for others, life just gets in the way! 

You move away to University, you get involved with societies, you move out and, of course, you have your degree to worry about!

 Somehow, I always seem to miss these bargains!

Just like in the past I’ve missed the staple sales dates such as The Boxing Day Sales and The January Sales, I know, somehow, I’ll miss a whole month when I could be getting some amazing deals!

I’ve had my eye on an item and, I’m not going to lie to you, it is quite pricey! 

So, now I really hope I do not miss Black Friday because I want to get a good deal!