On the night of December 12th 2019, our country chose who would lead it for the next few years. In one of the most contentious and hard fought campaigns for years, this event was going to be massive for both our country and the rest of the world.

Big runners Labour, headed by Jeremy Corbyn, were looking to swing the country to the left with lots of attractive points in their manifesto for the ‘many not the few’. They also promised a referendum on Brexit – the headline policy issue in this election.

Returners, the Conservative Party, were headed again by Boris Johnson. After a short, but record breakingly unsuccessful, run as Prime Minister – he was looking to gain more seats in parliment to be able to push through a Brexit option that the party themselves saw was best for the UK.

So.. it’s all very confusing even before a vote has been cast. But live on that December night, from polls close at 10pm until 7am when it was certain of the result, our team were there to make sense of the situation.

Commentary was provided by Francisca Quadrio, Jess Hiatt, Regina Toth and Lawrence Robertson.