Written by Emma Towers

Valentine’s day can be either a wonderful day to look forward to or a day you dread. And for those of us who are dreading it this year, here is a Fleetwood Mac playlist to help you through your heartbreak.


Stevie Nicks wrote this before joining Fleetwood Mac, and it perfectly encapsulates the idea of wanting to change but afraid to do so. In time you, like Stevie, may find the courage to make the change.

Blue Letter

When a relationship breaks down sometimes it can feel like you’re reading a blue message in your partners eyes. 

Monday Morning

Monday Morning is perfect if your heartbreak is caused by an off-and-on-again couple. You may need to learn that this isn’t healthy. Let the upbeat sound of Monday Morning inspire you to think ahead to something better.

The Chain

Learning to let go of your ex and those memories is tough, but The Chain can help.

If you can listen to it without thinking of Top Gear, The Chain is perfect for that part of the healing process when you need to think about how your ex has wronged you. 

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Go Your Own Way

There may be times when you want to shout, ‘YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAY!’ and you have every right to. Breakups are hard and it can be Another lonely day’ when you’re remembering things you used to do together, but don’t let those memories drown you.

Silver Springs

The B-side to Go Your Own Way, is a hauntingly beautiful song about letting someone go who wouldn’t let you in. 


Though the song suggests your other half wants their freedom from you, Dreams is actually about Stevie wanting her freedom from Lyndsey.

Don’t Stop

Christine McVie wrote this in essence to say to her husband John, ‘we’ll come out of this and be okay’, and so you will. 

Gold Dust Woman

Although this song is more about doing coke than going through heartbreak, you can still think about the ‘Heartless challenge’ of trying to ‘Pick up the pieces and go home’.

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The peacefulness of Christine’s voice in Songbird will give you comfort when the tears are still falling and you’re trying not to succumb to your heartbreak. You need to let them go and free yourself.

Hard Feelings

Whether you ended the relationship, or they did, there may be some unresolved feelings, or Hard Feelings. Remember, staying friends isn’t for everyone.


Going through a breakup can feel like weathering a storm. Storms can give you the space to cry if you need to, and gently remind you that it’s over for a good reason. 

Affairs of the Heart

Affairs of the Heart at this time are perhaps the hardest thing to explain, it’s very personal and still raw. It’s okay that no one ‘understood the affairs of the heart’, remind yourself that ‘it’s better to have loved and lost… / Than to never have loved at all.