With plans postponed, universities closed, festivals cancelled and the coolest spots ceased, we have recently found ourselves stuck at home. At first, it was scary and overwhelming. Now, I see it as an opportunity to invest more in myself and the things I always intended to do but “didn’t have the time” for. 

15 days into quarantine and I have already discovered a number of ways to keep myself entertained. Bare with me, I swear that by the end of this you will have a busy schedule. 

  1. Make a short “I have always wanted to” list. It helps you know the things you feel like doing, recognise the things you have never tried and the things you want to try out. 
  2. Download Duolingo (or any other language learning app). Invest your time getting ready to nail French for when you finally visit Paris. 
  3. Videocall! A lot! – I am sure you are away from some family members, friends or even that one person that you have lost touch with. Video calling is the new way of keeping yourself busy and not feeling so lonely. 
  4. Join TIKTOK (I know, the buzz!). Right before I joined, I could not see the fun in it. Start by trying it out for yourself only. There are millions of activities there, from dances, voice-overs or even learning how to make cream iced coffee at home. 
  5. Organise everything. Your drawers, your cabinets, your clothes. It may seem like a lot of work but it allows you to be occupied, and time flies when you are occupied.
  6. Search for Playlists – songs to sing in the shower, 2000s throwback, the quarantine playlist. Spotify brings you a whole bunch of options to keep your mood up and your day interesting. 
  7. Try smaller workouts. Search for song themed workouts. What is better than a 2min workout synchronized with Billie Elish, Justin Bieber or Madonna?
  8. Take a long bath. Put music on, turn off the lights, drink or put your favourite tv show on while you are at it. It feels good to relax, doesn’t it?
  9. Redecorate your bedroom, your living room or even your bathroom. A lot of shops are still offering home deliveries and why not take advantage of supporting businesses while making your place cosier?
  10.  Sleep. Not too much, not very little. Enjoy finally having a day where you can work for yourself for 24h. 

This list could be longer but I am sure you will find activities that will keep you motivated, busy and ready to hold yourself until this is over. Universities provided us with all the materials, so just make sure you still work for it as well. In the end, when quarantine is over we will be back to reality and it will feel much better if you have accomplished most if not all you wanted to accomplish. 

Until then, take care!