This article expresses my personal views on the current political situation in my country, Poland. You may not agree with this viewpoint, however, all of the examples used are a true reflection of what is happening in the country right now. Do not read this if you think you may be triggered anyhow.

Many of you know Poland as the country of good food, beautiful landscapes and cheap flights to Krakow.

But there is something else you should know about my country. Something that breaks my heart and prevents me to live in the country where my roots are. Something ugly, evil and straight from the Orwell’s ‘1984’; something even worse, because happening in real life, observed by real people, and with no hope for a final chapter anytime soon.

You should know about our government, breaking the constitution, the highest law there is, on a daily basis. The government that sees itself as a god, allegedly working in the name of God. But truly acting against the God I want to believe in. Acting against the truth, against free love, against freedom itself.

You should know that during the global pandemic, they (by ‘they’ I mean the Law and Justice party [pol. PiS]) still want to organise the presidential elections to make sure that the current president (aka government’s puppet), will be elected. It is illegal on several levels.

  1. The changes in the Election Code cannot be made later than six months before the elections – they made it at night, at 2 am, a couple of weeks before the elections. Illegal.
  2. Any elections should be cancelled in the eye of the natural disaster, evolving the emergency state in the country. Apparently, the global pandemic of COVID-19 is not serious enough for our government to officially call it an emergency. The elections will happen. Illegal.
  3. The elections will be made by correspondence. Postmen, risking their lives, will knock on every door in the country to give you a list (I won’t be surprised if the list comes with a certain box already ticked).
    • With the list, you will have to sign a declaration. Where is the right to remain anonymous?
    • You cannot do anything with the list other than tick the box and send it off; otherwise, the charges will be pressed against you. Where is the right to freely vote or not to vote?
    • To all of the immigrants or people with changed, not yet updated address, the lists will probably not be delivered. Where is the right of general elections?

Illegal. Illegal. Illegal.

You should know that during the global pandemic, our government decided to ‘discuss’ the implementation of new laws. Laws that are a violation of women’s rights. Violation of our right to decide about our own bodies. Violation of human rights.

You should know, that today, the government made up mostly from middle-aged men, with their mentality still in communist times (which they desperately trying to bring back to our country) will decide on banning the abortion right. The government will decide on the physical and mental health of women, framing our voices of protest as voices of criminals. We are seen as incubators, with no right to decide. With no right to disagree. Our lives do not matter until we won’t die for a child that will be motherless. Then we are called heroes.

You should know, that today, the government will also try to ban sex education from schools, presenting it as paedophile attempts, and threaten anyone who wants to make sure that Polish youth will know how to take care of their sexual health, will be taken to court. There will be no discussion about sexuality, there will be no chance to identify as LGBT (according to our government, every LGBT person is some kind of paedophile). There will be no chance to ask what to say, what to do, how to prepare, when one will be ready to start sexual life. ‘Sex’ will be crossed from dictionaries. Teenage pregnancies will increase. The government will still say they were right.

You should know that my country is trying to keep our mouths shut. And that, even though we cannot go out on streets and protest, we will use every social media strand to be heard. To say ‘enough’.

Enough of manipulations. Enough of breaking constitution. Enough of taking human rights away from us. Enough of ‘democracy’ that doesn’t exist. Enough of destroying my country.

Spread awareness. #polskiepiekło #polish-hell

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