Written by Jenny Li

Princess Polly

Princess Polly (PP) is an online Australian boutique brand that makes everything from high-quality, everyday fashion pieces to dressy, night-out clothes. They also carry other brands on the website such as Motel Rocks, The Ragged Priest and many more. The pricing for many of the items is within the £20-40 range, which is on par with the price of ZARA and Oh Polly clothing. 

I bought 4 pieces of clothing from PP’s own brand around February and using student discount, it came to $88.66 which is roughly around £70. But without the discount, it would have come to $110.82, around £90. For some, this may seem average for 4 pieces and expensive for others, for me, it’s relatively average. Since my items totalled over a certain amount, it qualified for free standard shipping which takes 6-10 days. My items took the minimum 6 days to arrive, so reasonably quick shipping. 

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The first item I got was the El Basico Cropped Tee in white (all pictures, as modelled, from the PP website) and is essentially just a white cropped top but I bought it largely out of curiosity due to the price tag. For a basic white t-shirt, this was priced at $28/£23. A top like this could easily be found at Topshop or Asos and many other places so, what you are really paying for here is hopefully, quality.

At first glance, it’s nothing special, but the quality does shine through as it’s quite a thick ribbed fabric, thus, you could go braless in the top. The neckline is slightly wider than the usual t-shirt so it accentuates the clavicle area, a good way to show off a necklace or two. Additionally, the top is cropped at a perfect length for high-waisted bottoms and the sizing is just perfect. For about two months of wearing and washing the top, the quality has stayed the same and the fabric has not started fluffing. However, I am still on the fence about the price.

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The next top I got was the Amie Top, priced the same as the El Basico. This is a very flattering top, showing off more of the décolletage area. However, the material is not as thick as the cropped tee. Still, it is an entirely unique item. This may justify the cost a little more and the fit is great, even going down a size would fit as well. I have not worn the top as frequently as the cropped tee so, it is still in pretty much the same condition as I bought it in, despite washing it a few times. Although, I suspect the pattern on the top will wear down soon, as it sits on top of the fabric rather than integrated into it, which is why it has a rough texture but is not scratchy or uncomfortable to wear

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The first bottom that I got was the Yates Mini Skirt Leopard, which I think is the best purchase out of the whole bag. Priced at $32/£27, this silky satin leopard print skirt is worth the price. I had been eyeing a similar skirt by Motel Rocks (MR) that was priced at $41/£34 but I was disappointed by the quality of a bodysuit previously bought from the brand that cost £30. So, I was hesitant to purchase something from MR again and at that price. When I spotted a similar skirt on PP, I had to get it and it lived up to my expectations. Though the price is not far off the MR one, it is still cheaper and possibly better quality as the silky material is quite thick. The size and fit are perfect, going with your regular size would be just right. I’ve worn and washed it a few times now and so far, no pilling in the fabric. The perfect skirt for a night out!

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I had also purchased the Tati Leopard Cycling Shorts, which are priced at $25/£21. This was the cheapest item in the bag but, maintained the same high quality as the rest of the items. The sizing is also true to size and what I like the most about the shorts, is the length. Unlike most cycling shorts, the length is slightly shorter which is more flattering on petite figures, as well as, being high waisted. Furthermore, I have worn these shorts often to exercise or just as general everyday wear at home, and they still look great. The quality is somewhat similar to that of the Amie Top which is not a bad thing but, bear in mind the fabric is not as thick as the basic cropped tee

Overall, I think PP is a brand to try and you may even find a few brands you already love. The clothing items I have tried, have all been good quality and mostly worth the price and I would buy more from them in the future.