Written by Nixon Kohyrelon.

Irish defender, one of the youngest of Coventry FC has ended up in the sights of the major European top clubs since he started to stand out with excellent quality performances

But success didn’t come so quickly to the current goal of many Premier League teams.

Born and raised in Leamington Spa, a city in central England in the West Midlands, he honed his skills within walking distance of his home in Coventry. Raised in the Coventry FC youth team, he made his first team debut only in August 2019. He grew up in the surroundings of Coventry, he who made the whole process of the youth debut with this shirt has a special meaning.

His fierce dedication to work has led him to become one of League One’s best talents this year, as well as one of League One’s strongest midfielders. Shipley is in fact among the top six League One midfielders as recoveries and interceptions, but also among the top five for head shots. 

He has played in 29 games out of 33 and is one of the great protagonists of the season up to this point, which he hopes to conclude with the victory of League One.

As a 23 year-old, he will have to continue to demonstrate that he has the qualities that matter in order to break through in football. For Shipley, playing another season in League One seems like a good idea as it could bring him even closer to his achieving the next step. His physical strengths mean he is likely to be scouted.

Day after day it is becoming a certainty in the betting odds of League One, the merit is of an expert and quality group that is driving Coventry City to an unexpected promotion, but also of the muscles and enthusiasm of the young Jordan Shipley midfielder across the board that has impressed everyone for its extraordinary ability to combine quantity and quality.

It literally exploded: 5 goals and 5 assists for him in this first part of the tournament and a constant presence throughout the central area of the field. The future is on its side.

Photo Credit: Coventry City Football Club

Position: Midfielder
Age: 22
Nationality: English
Apps:  94 Goals 12
Natural right, 1.83 x 73 kg, has no problem kicking with the left.

A player with a good physique and excellent endurance like the box-like midfielder, he remembers his compatriot Gianfranco Zola now ex Chelsea in some movements. and Frank Lampard.