Easy life was written in neon pink lights across the stage, the room was filled with Leicester local fans, with pints in their hands, having the time of their lives.

Supported by Berwyn, easy life returned to their hometown of Leicester to play a sold-out show at the Morningside Arena, and certainly did their city proud.

Despite their global success, with their single ‘Skeletons’ being an anthem of FIFA 22 and performing at Coachella, the band are very fond of their home roots and have remained grounded.

Going for a curry ‘up the Narbs’ just before their gig, the Leicester lads are just like anybody else – this has always been apparent in their music.

Writing songs about experiences that listeners can also relate to can make concerts more of an intimate setting.

After living strange lives during what felt like a never-ending lockdown, the band created their masterpiece debut album, ‘Life’s a beach,’ inspired by their lockdown experiences. 

It was an album filled with emotions that everyone could somehow resonate with, during those troubling times.

With the album being released in the midst of pandemic restrictions, now came the time that the band could fully celebrate, boy, did they pull it out of the bag.

With saxophones and trumpets alongside the band’s synthetic tunes, fans were injected with adrenaline. People could finally come together, and dance to the songs in a room that was not of their own.

Frontman, Murray Matravers and drummer, Oliver Cassidy, jumped into the crowd, during one of their earlier songs ‘OJPL’ . What other way could they be closer to fans and fully immerse themselves in the music.

The band still have plenty of gigs to come on their upcoming tour, sailing across the UK until early 2022.

Seeing posters of their album across the city, and a sea of hundreds of fans, it’s clear that the band has made their mark in Leicester.