February sees the celebration of LGBT+ history Month, a month-long celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history. It also looks at the history of gay rights and related civil rights movements.

Founded in 1994, LGBT+ history month teaches what often goes unrecognised by the educational system around the LGBT+ community, as well as acknowledging accomplishments made by those within the community.

It brings to light events that have shaped society such as the Stonewall Riots, 1969, through to events which still impact the community today.

LGBT+ history month is important as it encourages inclusivity and understanding in the workplace and builds a better world for young members of the community.

It also reinforces how far the LGBT+ community have come in the fight for equality, while also remembering those across the world, in 69 countries, where being part of the LGBT+ community is still criminalised. These countries include Egypt, Morocco and Jamaica.

In the UK, this celebration is from 1st February to 28th February which coincides with the abolition of Section 28 in 2003, a law which stopped people from ‘promoting homosexuality’.

The annual event is organised by the UK LGBT charity, Schools OUT. The theme for LGBT+ history month 2022 is ‘Politics in Art’ with the tagline ‘the arc is long’ from a quote by Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

There are many events to get involved with at De Montfort University through the Students Union, such as a quiz night and a relaxed walk and chat at The Rainbow and Dove. There is more information about how you can get involved with LGBT+ history month on the DSU website.