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Ex-Sub Editor for The Demon.

Is Narcos really the new Breaking Bad?

It would be fawning to talk about Breaking Bad having a legacy only two years after it ended, but it affects what we are watching today. BB’s popularity blew up with a certain pipebomb and after pulling in 10million people...

/ 20th October 2015

Che: The guy on the green bike

Che wears clothes as rugged as his beard. His moccasin jacket and cowboy-tough jeans are worn like a second skin, and with his green linen beret and knotted dreadlocks he looks like a soldier, an apache and a shaman all...

/ 3rd March 2015

PaidToPlay: Chasing the online dream

Video games, once an idle waste of time, are earning young men scholarships and status as professional athletes thanks in part to one game – League of Legends. As the players turn pro and the games become ‘eSports,’ has gaming...

/ 16th February 2015

DMU politics students schooled in Parliament

PM Questions are ‘nasty, aggressive and angry.’ This is what 50 politics students were told in an exclusive chat with their MP on a trip to Parliament. Liz Kendall, MP for West Leicester, which covers the student population of Narborough Road...

/ 19th November 2014

‘Stuckapella’: Society Locked in Queens

DMU Acapella had to be rescued after being locked in the Queens building for more than an hour. Three society members society had to ask friends to call security after they were trapped inside during a rehearsal. Avery Penn, the...

/ 9th November 2014