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Armed Robbers Steal ‘Gigantic’ Haul Of Diamonds

Armed robbers stole a ‘gigantic’ haul of diamonds from Brussels Airport today. The diamonds, estimated to be worth over £30 million were taken by men who had disguised themselves as police and then broken into the cargo of a plane...

/ 25th March 2013

Oxford University Apologises Over Discrimination Claims

Damien Shannon, 26, applied to Oxford University for a post-graduate course but had his place withdrawn due to financial reasons. Every applicant at Oxford is required to provide evidence to show that they can cover expenses of £12,900. Shannon felt...

/ 25th March 2013

Meet the team

Welcome to the Politics section of Demon Media. Want to write for Politics? Contact us. Editor Neil McDermott

/ 24th March 2013

Leicester Bus Station to be revamped

Leicester City Council has revealed that it will spend over £10 million pounds to expand the city’s main bus station. Haymarket bus station, situated on Charles Street behind the shopping centre of the same name, will be revamped to include...

/ 21st March 2013