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Live by the tweet, die by the tweet

The newly appointed youth police crime commissioner of Kent has newly resigned bringing an end to her first political appointment, but hopefully not the idea behind it. Miss Brown was appointed to the post at the (tender?) age of 17...

/ 11th April 2013

Boris Johnson – Typical Tory or Credible Alternative?

  Boris Johnson is one of those rare characters in politics that can capture people’s interest, actually make people laugh and believe that politicians are in fact human like themselves. Michael Cockerell’s insightful documentary on Boris’ life showed just this...

/ 28th March 2013

Cyprus, Europe and Democracy

Austerity is yet again the name of the game as the deal between Cyprus and the ‘Troika’ (IMF, ECB and EU) is completed; a Cypriot with over €100,000 in their bank account can now expect to lose nearly half of that money....

/ 27th March 2013

Meet the team

Welcome to the Politics section of Demon Media. Want to write for Politics? Contact us. Editor Neil McDermott

/ 24th March 2013