Tag: 90’s

Style Icon of the Week: Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira is known for her wickedly catchy electropop music that is full of attitude – as well as her style! Her effortless 90’s grunge vibe is something that I absolutely love and aim for on a regular basis; it’s...

/ 27th October 2014

Pick of the Week: 2-in-1 Topshop T-Shirt

Stepping into Topshop during the Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter crossover is like walking into your living room the morning after pre-drinks: you never know what you’re going to find. Personally, Topshop for me is like my soul in clothing form because...

/ 22nd October 2014

The 90’s are revived in Topshop and Topman

One trend which has hit the fashion world this year is the return of the 90’s. Towards the end of last year the 90’s made their appearance in women’s fashion, with patterns such as tartan and effortless tailoring. This up...

/ 26th March 2013