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The ideal man bag

Men; you may think that bags are just for women to carry around make up, tissues and everything else physically possible, but they are for you too! You may be thinking that is ‘girly’, but you need to consider the practicalities...

/ 6th February 2015

Nasty Gal are at it again

Last year, The Mail Online reported that designer Sophie Webster accused Nasty Gal of copying her clutch bag designs. The UK-based shoe and accessories designer didn’t take this lying down as she cheekily posted a photo of Nasty Gal’s WTF...

/ 24th January 2015

Perfect Christmas stocking fillers for women

Christmas stockings are something that everyone looks forward to whether you’re filling or emptying. We all know they are full of the quirky small gifts, which makes Christmas thoughtful and personal, so here are some perfect stocking fillers that will...

/ 8th December 2014