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Brussels Terror Attacks

Several explosions have been heard at Brussels Airport and within the metro system with reports suggesting more than 30 deaths so far with the full total still unconfirmed. Shortly after 08:00 local time two explosions were heard at Zaventem Airport...

/ 22nd March 2016

HEADLINE: Paris Attacks

UPDATE: 01:30AM Reports from Paris Prosecutor suggest that 5 attackers may have been killed in attacks across city. (Source: BBC News) UPDATE: 01:15AM The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau,¬†released the following statement: “Canada stands with France at this dark time...

/ 14th November 2015

Je ne suis pas Charlie

The Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris last week was a dreadful attack, not only on Paris and not only on France, but a cowardly attack against everything we stand for: freedom. The freedom to say what you like, the freedom...

/ 18th January 2015