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Tips for Embracing Your Curly Hair

Having curly hair can feel like a curse, one day your curls are ‘to die for’, and the next it’s a bird’s nest. As curly hair is often thought of as beautiful, many try to create these ‘perfect’ curls with...

/ 22nd February 2019

My First Manicure: A Review on My Experience at Superdrug Fosse Park

Are you willing to take a day off and do something for yourself? I got away from my fast-paced life for a Sunday and I felt accomplished. As a little girl I used to always ask my grandmother to paint...

/ 19th February 2019

Kylie Cosmetics Review

As soon as Kylie launched her Holiday collection, I had to get my hands on her blush and highlighter. Unfortunately, the blush sold out in a blink. It was worldwide free shipping for 24 hours after the launch so I...

/ 23rd January 2019

Too Faced Christmas Collection

Christmas is that time of the year where happiness prevails. All of the stress from university and work disappear and leave space to relax and spend time with your family. It is time for giving, not only to others but...

/ 20th November 2018

Valentine’s Day Make up Looks

 1.Redelicious Credit: Photos by Dafydd Evans Embrace your passionate and sexy side! Red lipstick is the best choice for a Valentine’s Day card stamp! This look is perfect for a date night with your loved one. A red lip also...

/ 13th February 2018

A Walk Back the Trend Lane: 80’s Makeup Icons

Put on your headphones and let’s travel back in time to the 1980s to remind ourselves of some of the best beauty trends of that decade. For me, the 80’s were by far the best years for vibrant colours and...

/ 10th April 2017
Cruelty free brands you should be purchasing

Cruelty Free Brands You Should be Purchasing | Highstreet Edition

Going cruelty free with the beauty and skincare brands you use can make a huge difference. Animal testing is still an awful practice which takes place and everything we can do to reduce demand for these brands should be done...

/ 20th January 2017

Top Five: Long-Lasting Lipsticks

A statement lip is a perfect addition to any ordinary outfit – a classic firemen red can become every girl's best friend and a delicate nude compliments the smoky eye make up beautifully.

/ 30th September 2016