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Black Sabbath say Goodbye to Fans With Emotional Film

Black Sabbath – The End of The End   4th February 2017 marked the end of Black Sabbath as their farewell tour drew to a close in the city it began in almost fifty years ago. The devastation of losing the...

/ 28th December 2017

The Monday Playlist: Editors’ Jukebox – 17/02/2014

Hello, Music Fans! Sorry for the absence! Being a third year, university is really starting to takes its toll so I had to take a break from editing some wonderful content for you all. Alas I am back, and this...

/ 17th February 2014

The Monday Playlist: The Halloween SPOOKTACULAR! 28/10/2013

Hello, Music Fans! Already we’re nearing the end of October, and you know what that means – it is almost HALLOWEEN! To celebrate this ghoulish event, we have decided to soundtrack your week with our favourite spooky ditties. Why not...

/ 28th October 2013