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Four Brands that Will Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable and Ethical

Have you thought about how your clothes and beauty products are made or where they come from? In 2019, people are becoming more aware of what is put in and on their bodies as they aim for a better and...

/ 9th February 2019

Earth Week 2017

DMU is running an Earth Week to make it a more sustainable university in which to study and work. The Earth Week starts on Monday 20th March and is a series of fun activities and events around sustainability, including film...

/ 14th March 2017

Five ways to wear: A Pinafore dress

5 ways to wear the dreaded ‘pinafore’ dress The pinafore dress is a must have in your winter wardrobe this year. To many people it can be seen as quite scary, nevertheless if you wear them right they can look...

/ 15th November 2013