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The Monday Playlist: Songs of the Week 25/02/2014-02/03/2014

Hello, Music Fans! It is getting to that stage in the academic year where lectures, assignments start to take their toll on students. Like many others, we here at Demon Music often find some solace in music, and this week...

/ 3rd March 2014

The Monday Playlist: Songs of the Week, 7/1/14 – 12/1/14

Hello, Music Fans! Already we’re at the start of the second week of the second semester and my, hasn’t this past week gone so slow? I’m definitely feeling the post-Christmas blues now! If you’re struggling to get back into the...

/ 13th January 2014

The Monday Playlist: Best of the Mercury Prize

Hello, Music Fans! So this week the ever-underwhelming Barclaycard Mercury Prize Albums of the Year shortlist was unveiled, and I think expectations were met – what a poor list! Since we as a team were so disappointed with this year’s...

/ 16th September 2013