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Demon Theatre’s Summer Garden Party

To celebrate 50 years of Demon Theatre, we have organised a Summer Garden Party. This event will take place on Friday 13th May, at the Campus Centre steps at De Montfort University. The day will start at 12pm and will...

/ 7th May 2016

Tea Break are here to help you through the dreaded ‘finals’ season

Exam season may be around the corner, but you may all be pleased to know Tea Break are here to get you through this important time. Our members here at Tea Break will be providing you with some exciting articles in the next...

/ 30th April 2016

Meet Comedy Committee: James Porritt

The Comedy Committee aren’t the overlords of humour, just the committee of DMU’s Comedy Society. James Porritt is chairman. How long have you been in DMU Comedy Society? I have been in the Comedy Society for 2 years now. Why...

/ 17th October 2014