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Best dressed celebrity couples

  As Valentine’s Day is approaching, it’s only obligatory that we praise our most fashionable (and cute!) celebrity couples for this year. It’s hard enough for a singleton to look fabulous when constantly in the spotlight, but when there’s two...

/ 14th February 2015

Make Valentine’s Day personal

Ignoring the first sixteen Valentine’s Days I spent without a partner, for obvious reasons, this year will be my first as a singleton. Am I dreading it? Not particularly. Will I feel the urge to go get stupidly drunk and...

/ 13th February 2015

Ten Types of Tourists: The Good, The Bad, and The Photobombers

This weekend I went to London to bask in all of its glory. As you already know, anytime you go into a big city and try to see major tourist attractions  it is going to be packed with, well, tourists....

/ 12th November 2014