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President of De Montfort Students’ Union Suspended

An investigation is currently underway regarding the conduct of De Montfort Students’ Union President, Adil Waraich. To adhere with the Students’ Union’s policies and procedures, Adil has been suspended from his Presidential duties with immediate effect, whilst a full investigation...

/ 20th November 2015

Rik Basra’s Pass It On campaign

Today on campus hundreds of DMU students along with many societies and volunteers have been helping DMU Square Mile welcome Rik Basra’s Pass It On Leicester campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness of Anthony Nolan’s work and encourage people...

/ 30th September 2015

Amie Chapman’s four point plan

Amongst the currents of information that we’ve found ourselves, it makes sense to struggle against them in search for a less choppy stretch of water. Perhaps your motivations in joining DMU differ from mine, but I think we’d agree we...

/ 15th November 2014