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How to be Fashionable When Living in Student Halls?

As Freshers, you have probably all done your packing by now, but you are afraid flatmates won’t approve of an ancient dressing gown or jammies your grandma made when you were 12? No need to be embarrassed – there are...

/ 17th September 2015

Make 2015 a stress free, positive and mindful year by attending “Midweek mindfulness “in the library

How many of us are looking forward to a fresh start and a new year of good fortune? I imagine that for some, hoping for a better year could be on the top of their wish list. What ever happened...

/ 17th January 2015

The story behind why Demon Media are raising money

‘#GetMeOnAir, what is that?’ That’s the big question on everyone’s lips on campus as Demon Media promote their RAG event over every possible angle of social media. But why are we doing it? Months ago three members of DemonFM’s Station...

/ 26th January 2014