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“Shake up that bad boy!” – Cocktail Society

Results day is here! Time sure has flown by. To those that have got the results you needed and have chosen to study at DMU, welcome to the next chapter of your life. For those that have to go through...

/ 13th August 2015

I love you to the moon and back

Many couples have been together a long time by the time university comes around and have to make the hard decision of how they are going to make it work once they move to different parts of the country. A lot of...

/ 18th March 2015

New Year’s resolutions: an unrealistic and unachievable tradition?

Like a bear immerging from hibernation, the  start of January and the beginning of a new year  signifies the dragging of reluctant feet from our  nest of Christmas chocolate and loungewear  ready to face a new term. Like the numerous  traditions...

/ 31st December 2014