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Review: Make Leicester British

Coming off the back of UKIP’s historic success in the European Parliamentary Elections, never has Immigration been such a polarising topic. With Britain becoming evermore multicultural with every passing day, divisions are created and those against the boom in diversity...

/ 8th November 2014

Cyprus, Europe and Democracy

Austerity is yet again the name of the game as the deal between Cyprus and the ‘Troika’ (IMF, ECB and EU) is completed; a Cypriot with over €100,000 in their bank account can now expect to lose nearly half of that money....

/ 27th March 2013

Champions League: Five Reasons Why English Fans Should Carry On Watching!

With no English club in the last 8 of the Champions League for the first time in almost 20 years, it would be easy to see why English football fans might turn away from Europe’s top club competition, especially with...

/ 26th March 2013