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Five ways to wear: A Pinafore dress

5 ways to wear the dreaded ‘pinafore’ dress The pinafore dress is a must have in your winter wardrobe this year. To many people it can be seen as quite scary, nevertheless if you wear them right they can look...

/ 15th November 2013

Fashion Highlights: Country Music Awards 2013

While my boyfriend, Tom, came to stay this weekend, we were talking about something that always seems to be on the tips of our tongues: music. What we love, what our guilty music pleasures are and what we don’t like,...

/ 15th November 2013

Autumn/Winter trend: Tartan

Last season it was the bold, black and white monochrome prints that took over the catwalk. However this autumn see’s the return of the traditional tartan print, which was popular in the 90’s making its way into our wardrobe this...

/ 16th October 2013