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April Fool’s day: Do it right

April Fool’s day is upon us once again and many of us use this as a golden opportunity to play hilarious and harmless pranks on our family members and friends. The whole Nation joins in on this day, with the...

/ 31st March 2015

Simon from seven kilometres away, I will find you

All first years have now settled back into uni life after the three week Christmas break and personally I’m finding term two so much better. I got some marks back for a previous assignment which I thought went down like...

/ 23rd February 2015

Asher Roth’s “I Love College” is extremely inaccurate

I was told last week that the 4th week is meant to be the hardest week so far – you realise you have to start doing real work and fresher’s week is just a distant memory. But I’m on series 3...

/ 11th November 2014