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From The Archives – Review: The Clash – ‘London Calling’

What is Punk music? Punk is often thought of as a loud, aggressive and stripped down sound, frequently performed by people who only loosely grasp the title of “musician”. Yet Punk is so much more than that, as The Clash...

/ 8th November 2013

From The Archives – Review: Fleetwood Mac – ‘Rumours’

Some bands, like AC/DC, do not alter their sound much in 40 years of playing. Many bands experiment and change as they grow as artists, but don’t stray too far from their roots. Fleetwood Mac, however, were almost a completely different...

/ 9th October 2013

From The Archives – Review: The Beatles – ‘Rubber Soul’

When The Beatles’ back catalogue is looked over by appreciative listeners of music, the big album titles always grab the attention – the Abbey Roads and Sgt. Peppers that fill it – leaving little time for the lesser-known, but equally...

/ 6th September 2013