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The Nightmare Before Christmas – Halloween or Christmas film?

One of Disney’s most successful, yet unusual, films is the classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. Released in 1993, this stop-motion treat directed by famous director Tim Burton has caused great controversy over the years – is it a Halloween or...

/ 25th December 2017

Three Movies for the Perfect Fright Night

I think it’s a universally accepted truth that Christmas can’t be complete without Home Alone playing on the TV. It’s a classic, it’s a tradition and we all love it for a reason. There are some traditional Halloween films that...

/ 20th October 2017

The Demon 2016 Halloween Playlist

Need to add some horror to your Halloween pre-drinks without using the same playlist your mum’s used every year since you were four? Well here’s what we’re going to be listening to.

/ 31st October 2016

Will Spectre overtake Skyfall for the highest grossing UK film ever?

    [SPOILERS AHEAD] Spectre is the 24th James Bond film and the successor to the UK’s highest grossing film ever; Skyfall. But did it live up to its predecessor? In my opinion… no it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I...

/ 28th October 2015

Halloween: Roy Lichtenstein ‘Pop Art’ Make Up

Make Your Halloween Costume ‘Pop’! Are you fed up of wearing the same stereotypical outfits for Halloween every year? Well you don’t have to worry any longer – with this Roy Lichtenstein inspired make-up design you will you stand out...

/ 25th October 2014

My Top Ten Favourite Celebrity Halloween Costumes

10. Sandra Bullock The Miss Congeniality star gave her FBI badge and pistol a break, and switched it for a very familiar cowboy outfit in 2012 for Halloween, where she was accompanied by her adorable Buzz Lightyear impersonating son! 9....

/ 24th October 2014

Nightmare Nails: Type B Positive Nails

As Halloween looms, this is the perfect time to think about an outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd. This tutorial is simple and easy to achieve and has a dramatic design, which will bring your Halloween...

/ 23rd October 2014

The Monday Playlist: The Halloween SPOOKTACULAR! 28/10/2013

Hello, Music Fans! Already we’re nearing the end of October, and you know what that means – it is almost HALLOWEEN! To celebrate this ghoulish event, we have decided to soundtrack your week with our favourite spooky ditties. Why not...

/ 28th October 2013