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Does Insurgent have pressure to please?

        Following the hysteria of The Hunger Games’ success, the film industry seemed to be throwing every possible young adult book adaption at us in every direction. Divergent, written by Veronica Roth was turned into a movie...

/ 8th March 2015

The Oscars roundup

        This Sunday we got to see all the A-listers dress up in their best frocks and make their way to the Oscars,t he most prestigious film award ceremony. But instead of focusing on whether who Felicity...

/ 1st March 2015

Five films you probably haven’t seen, but should

Big blockbusters and high budget films of the past few years have often missed the mark in terms of quality, I’m looking at you James Cameron’s Avatar. But here are my top five lesser known films that you can use...

/ 20th October 2014