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Make me ‘Perfect365’

I recently saw an article promoting the new phone app ‘Perfect365’, said to be used frequently by Kim Kardashian in order to achieve the perfect, flawless selfie. This app belongs to a growing breed of self-improvement apps like ‘FaceTune’ and...

/ 10th May 2015

Disabilities in the media

What ideas come to mind when you think of autism? Dyslexia? Cerebral Palsy? Disabilities as a whole? These days, we have an increasingly wide access to information about the world around us, and so this means disability awareness has improved....

/ 14th January 2015

Feature: What happened to viral music videos?

A new video goes viral on the Internet every week. However, when a low-budget music video explodes in popularity it leaves industry professionals asking one simple question; why? That’s why we’re here; we’re going to take you through a countdown...

/ 7th August 2013