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Je ne suis pas Charlie

The Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris last week was a dreadful attack, not only on Paris and not only on France, but a cowardly attack against everything we stand for: freedom. The freedom to say what you like, the freedom...

/ 18th January 2015

Islamophobia in our society

Islamophobia is the term used to describe unfounded hostilities towards Muslims. Islamophobia has significantly been on the rise over recent years, and is undeniably something which we as a society need to address. However, this topic also become a taboo...

/ 23rd November 2014

Charity week sum up

During the week commencing October 27th, DMU’s Islamic Society took part in an exciting project entitled Charity Week Charity Week is a student led organisation which acts in collaboration with Islamic Relief, where students all across the country raise money...

/ 18th November 2014